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Here’s the link and please help us spread the word–Vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the Community Rewards contest every day.
Vote today and every day through December 16 in City Bank’s Community Reward contest and thanks so much! A Place for Us Greyhounds–top row and 3rd column!

We’re #8!

The City Bank website states that the winners will be announced on Friday. If I hear on anything sooner–I’ll be sure and let you know. I feel optimistic since we were in the “top 10” for most of the contest and number 8 is a perfectly wonderful way to finish this race!

Thanks for all of your help and support for A Place for Us Greyhounds during the Community Rewards contest. Also, we are just thrilled to let you know that we have four home visits set up for this week!!

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you and your commitment and willingness to ask others to Vote for the Greyhounds–we are in the top 10 and I will find out our final ranking this Friday at a luncheon sponsored by City Bank. We will get our check, too! What a wonderful holiday blessing to get money to help us help more Greyhounds in need.

It’s been quite a few weeks–you’ve met quite a few Greyhounds as we promoted our daily hounds! Benny was our first online celebrity and I have since found out that he’s 16-years old. Our youngest Greyhound was Annie Oakley and she will turn a year old in January. It’s been just wonderful hearing from all of you. Thanks again and I’ll be sure and let all of you know how we finished in the race!


December 15th, 2013

Wow–this contest is coming to an end! The Greyhounds have held steady and we are so happy with our current rank as number 8. I am still fretting and worried until things officially end at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow-December 16th. That means two more days of voting–so please continue to help us and show your support by voting for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the Community Rewards online contest sponsored by City Bank of Lubbock.

Mister Baird had a short racing career and his birthday is August 24, 2005. He moved in with Connie and Gaylon shortly after our group was re-organized in 2009. He was recently injured in a freak accident and we were very worried that he might not make it. But thankfully, due to immediate intervention and constant care and nurturing by his family–he’s back home and on the mend. He would appreciate your vote while he is convalescing–it would really cheer him up to know that the Greyhounds are still in the race to the finish.  If you would like to send a message to Mister Baird and his family you can to go this posting and do so.

December 14th, 2013

Sasha was rescued shortly after the group was formed–she was picked up as a stray and due to the stricter rules at that time she had to wait several days at the shelter before the group could rescue her. We have since figured out that she was very young at the time we met her–she was pretty playful in foster care–well, really a hand-full! Toni and Daniel adopted her since they had had the best luck in working with her. Thank goodness!!

Lovely Sasha–please vote for her today and every day until the contest ends on December 16th. We are still in 8th place–wow! Here’s the link to City Bank’s Community Rewards.

December 13th, 2013

Slatex Pedro retired from racing in 2009 and his birthday is January 31, 2006. He won some special racing recognitions and had 55 races to his credit. He retired and moved in with Bob and Cheryl and they renamed him Faulkner since Cheryl is a retired English professor. I think this photo captures his essence–just a sweet and affable boy. He lives with another Greyhound named Roxy and they have loads of fun. Faulkner was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that affects his paws–but he is recovering nicely and his family was so happy to see him on the mend.

December 12th, 2013

Hannah is a lovely Greyhound that was found wandering by the interstate. The group had lots of meaningful help along the way with her as Sandy at Saving Grace and Sallie at Morris Safe House both responded and provided timely assistance with this sweet dog. We recently found a perfect home for her in Carlsbad with Sharon and Hannah also has a big bro’ Greyhound to keep her company. We know Hannah was raised to hunt–we were always worried about her–she was so quiet and did have some fears of loud noises and various situations. Sharon has had lots of experience with working with Greyhounds and also children in foster care–and she embraced the challenge of showing Hannah the way! We were so thrilled and happy when Sharon adopted sweet Hannah.

Vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds today and every day through December 16th! To help promote our group and also the contest–we are holding two Meet and Greets this weekend at the PetSmart on Slide Road. We will meet on Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 3:00 p.m. Get out with your hounds and help us pass out fliers and talk to everyone about our wonderful Greyhounds. If you haven’t adopted yet–what are you waiting for?!!

December 11th, 2013

Leo retired from racing and happily lives with two lovely Greyhounds named Itty Bitty and Lola Grace–along with his wonderful and loving family Sherry and James. He also has a fan base of several enthusiastic Grandchildren who love to watch the three of them romp and sleep on the couch!!! Leo’s racing name was Killer Loco–isn’t that a hoot–but he was a serious racer with 76 races to his credit. His birthday is March 17, 2007. These photos say it all about Leo, don’t they? Vanessa did a photo shoot of him shortly before he was adopted.

Please help us keep our ranking in the top ten of City Bank’s online competition–Community Rewards. Vote daily and please ask everyone you know to do the same. If the contest ended today–we would win $3,000! Thanks so much!

December 10th, 2013

Typhoon Cat is Erin’s son. He is 5-years old and raced in Florida. Vanessa arranged for Ty to come to West Texas when his career ended–after all, he was Erin’s only son and they loved her so much. Ty’s a wonderful dog, too. By no fault of his own–he is looking for a “forever home” since Cindy’s grandson was allergic to him. Ty is loving and well-adjusted. He has lived in harmony with small dogs, big dogs, cats, and kids! Please vote for Ty and let us know if you would like to adopt this handsome, sweet Greyhound.



December 9th, 2013

Annie Oakley was one of a litter of six puppies that were not planned and couldn’t be registered with the National Greyhound Association–this is known as an “oops litter”. Her first home got a bit overwhelmed with her puppy-ways and another family expressed interest in Annie O. One small detail was that the home was pretty far away–well, Pennsylvania to be exact! But–Richard and Leslie were such a wonderful family–they had Greyhound puppy experience and had recently adopted a very young and energetic Galgo–named Lily–who had been begging them for a little sis to play with. Robin and I took off in her Prius–and embarked on an epic journey. (I’ve attached some photos of Annie from the trip.) Annie Oakley’s new family met us in Wheeling, WV and they have loved her and provided a wonderful home for her since the moment they met her last June. wow.

Please continue to vote everyday for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the Community Rewards online contest sponsored by City Bank. I did ask Norval if we could change the security code back to the numbers since I have developed several new wrinkles squinting to try and decipher the lettered ones–but to no avail–so let’s all squint together and vote every day–even if it takes a couple of tries!!

December 8th, 2013

Erin was found running loose in Odessa–and I do mean literally as she fell into step next to a lady who was jogging in her neighborhood. Our group had just formed and Erin is living proof–form a group and they will come. Seriously, during the first few months after the group organized–several Greyhounds were found and rescued thanks to their efforts. Erin was named after the kind jogger who saved her and this is quite a coincidence–Erin was actually born in Ireland! We believe she raced in Rhode Island and we have no idea how she ended up in West Texas. She was adopted by Vanessa, Kyle, and Kaden–they live in Odessa and Vanessa is the director of “A Place for Us Greyhounds” in that area. Erin’s birthday is November 23, 2003 and her racing name is Holiday Flyer.

Please continue to vote daily for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the City Bank Community Rewards contest. We appreciate all of you and BTW–we are still meeting at the PetSmart on Slide from noon to 3:00 p.m. today to hand out flyers and meet folks interested in adopting from our group.

December 7th, 2013

Grace was adopted by Leah when she was only 8-weeks old. Since that time, they have traveled far and wide and you won’t believe this–but they live in Japan! Grace is 3-years old now and is a littermate to Indy–they were rescued from a hunter who was trying to sell them in the Thrifty Nickel. I expect she gets lots of attention at the base in Japan. 🙂

Please continue to vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the online Community Rewards competition sponsored by City Bank of Lubbock. We are so happy to be in the “top 10”. We can’t thank you enough for helping us and the voting will end on December 16th.

December 5th, 2013

Jackie has recently turned one-year old. We aren’t certain about her birthday since she was rescued from the Clovis Animal Shelter along with her sister, Jill. Jackie is still looking for her “forever home” (Jill found her family in May!). Jackie is lovely, lovable, and move-in ready. She has lived in harmony with both small dogs and cats. We were so happy to save both of these puppies earlier this year–can you believe that Jackie only weighed 17 pounds when we picked them up? She has grown up and there are many nice folks who helped along the way–especially Sallie at the Morris Safe House-who nurtured and loved her until we could find a foster home for her.



December 4th, 2013

I’m up early–Rob Creighton has invited Jackson and I for a visit to his morning radio show–tune in to 97.3 YES FM and listen in starting at 8:45. We are happy for the opportunity and thanks so much, Rob! Today we are featuring Skylar who just entered our adoption program, yesterday. She is the fourth Greyhound that was in the pack of dogs found abandoned in the ranching country north of Lubbock. We will take her for veterinarian care this morning to get her immunizations and to check for tick fever, heartworm, and Lymes disease. If she is healthy enough, we will set up her spay. Robin and Danny will foster her.

Over 90% of our funds are spent on medical care. Our adoption fee almost covers the care and expenses for a healthy dog. Often there are complications that can increase the cost of medical care and if we are able to stay in the top 10 of the competition and win cash from City Bank, that will assure that our group has the money we need to cover the most vital expense we are faced with–medical care. Please cast your vote today in the Community Rewards Program for A Place for Us Greyhounds. Thanks for your support!

December 3rd, 2013

Kato was adopted in August by Del. They live in Albuquerque and we were able to find Kato’s home via our partnership with the GPA group that is located there. We were thrilled to learn that Del has quite a bit of experience with Greyhounds and was up to the challenge. Kato suffered from a shy and cautious nature since his brother–Chase–was a bit of a scamp and known to pester him on the track. In fact, Kato might have been a better racer–but he was always too watchful of the other dogs preferring that they were ahead rather than behind him. Isn’t that a hoot? He’s enjoying his retirement and if you look closely at the pic–he has his head on Del’s lap and is getting pet-pets!

Please vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds everyday in the City Bank online Community Rewards contest and thank you so much! We just learned of another Greyhound from the pack that were abandoned in the ranch country. We will let you know more about her as soon as we can!


December 1st, 2013

Jeramie is a wonderful Greyhound with 148 races to his credit. He spent his entire racing career at the Southland race track and he was adopted a year ago on November 29th. So–that was his adoption day–and to Greyhound enthusiasts–it is also known as their “Gotcha Day”! Bill and Clare–from our Midland/Odessa branch–had been following his career and when he became available for adoption–they drove to West Memphis to get him. His birthday is March 15, 2008 and his racing name was DC Jeronamie. He’s a lovely and loving Greyhound–he lives in the home with three Greyhounds–Slatex Felix, Nikky, and his foster sis–Demi.

November 30th, 2013 

Liz and Cleo were sent to our adoption group on Monday and by Friday–they had moved to Oklahoma, where they were placed into a “foster with intention” home. We were able to orchestrate this rescue with the help of numerous individuals and groups and our gratitude goes out to everyone. We appreciate, Dean, who not only helped us acquire Gabby–but also, these two littermates from a situation where they were abandoned in the ranching country north of here. Thanks also to Sandy (at Saving Grace) who provided temporary kennel space as well as Caleb who provided a temporary foster home for both of them. Salukis are similar to Greyhounds–but they do have some traits such as jumping fences and climbing–so we thought it best to work via a breed-specific rescue to try and find homes for these lovely dogs. Janet, the STOLA (Saluki Tree of Life Alliance) representative, was very responsive and thrilled to accept them into their adoption program. Thanks also to Robin for helping me each step along the way to assure that Liz and Cleo were ready and accessible for transport.

November 29th, 2013

Yikes–I’m late posting this but there’s still time to vote before midnight. We attended a wonderful family reunion in Abilene then took a detour by Buffalo Gap and had lunch at Perini’s–yes, it’s worth the bother and visited the winery in Cristoval. Anyway we’re back home and –back to the business of winning some cash for the hounds.

We considered naming Sidney–Lucky–since she was rescued as a stray in Clovis, NM–and had a shoulder injury that was either a gunshot wound or a serious entanglement with barbed wire. Poor baby. She was nursed back to health by 2 or 3 foster families and ultimately a great family adopted her. LaGina and Steve and their dog, Caleb, welcomed her into their home. LaGina let me know report that they had trained the dogs to pull a wagon with the horses’ feed–wouldn’t that be fun to see?!!

November 28th, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Dazzle and Indy are all grown up now but they were adopted as puppies by Lisa and Lealand–and their son, Brendan. Indy was relinquished by a backyard breeder who had listed the puppies for sale in the Thrifty Nickel–13 puppies born under a gazebo on the 4th of July (sigh). Later on, Dazzle was rescued along with her sister, Razzle (Monkey), from the Clovis Animal Shelter. The 2 Greyhounds are very spoiled and have been allowed to play and romp and grow up in the true Greyhound spirit. Their lives have been enriched thanks to the love and care provided by their adopted family. We’re thankful for the families that take these sweet dogs in and commit to giving them the best life possible.



November 27th, 2013

I noticed we had dropped to #8 in the rankings–which is still super but a little worrisome. I am wondering if folks are getting busy with the holidays and voting hasn’t been a priority. I know I have been busy and posting later in the day–so I will try to do better. I just checked and it’s possible to vote on your Smart/IPhone. The icon is in the lower left corner and it is the “Community Rewards” section.

Please vote for Gabbby–she was recently rescued from a terrible situation where she was abandoned in the ranch country north of Lubbock. She was bred to hunt and probably is a Greyhound/Saluki cross–don’t you love her eyebrows? Connie and Gaylon are “fostering her with intention”. She’s a sweet, healthy and loving dog–we were so happy to get a chance to help her. Vote today and every day for A Place for Us Greyhounds! Thanks so much.

November 26th, 2013

Finesse was adopted by Peggy and David during the interim when our group wasn’t active in Lubbock. They drove to San Antonio and picked her out from the dogs available for adoption from “The Heart of Texas” Group–which does a wonderful job. Finesse was a retired, ex-racer. Before they adopted Finesse–they had adopted from our Albuquerque branch—and although, I never met their first Greyhound who was named Boonie–he must have been one of a kind!

We are so happy to be able to continue the tradition of finding homes for Greyhounds in the West Texas area and your vote assures that we will carry on that tradition. Please vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds in the City Bank online Community Rewards competition. Finesse and the members of her fan club thank you, too!

November 25th, 2013

I am sorry to be running late with your reminder. But you do have until midnight to cast your vote and–as of November 25th–we were still in 7th place. Please help us get the word out to Vote for the Greyhounds! I have included a great pic of Mr. Yardley “Jack” running in the snow. Robin and I were informed of his sad and perilous situation where he was left abandoned in a rural area near Lubbock. His family simply moved off–leaving him to fend for himself. He was a challenge to capture since he was not leash-trained and skeptical of our motives! Ask Robin about her dog-wrangling skills sometime–she did an awesome job. His temporary name was Yardley–since we found him in the yard–I know pretty lame. Thankfully, Caleb fostered him, promptly changed his name, and then decided to keep him. We aren’t sure of his breed but believe that he might have Greyhound or Saluki in his bloodlines. He’s in good health–he responded well to treatment for ehrlichia–a tick-borne disease that requires antibiotics.

November 23rd, 2013

Seriously, we rescued Razzle and her littermate-Dazzle from the Clovis Animal Shelter in 2010 figuring that they were only a couple of months old when we got them. It was quite an adventure and our “baptism by fire” as Bryan and I moved the 2 pups in–having no idea what we were doing! Today–we are featuring Razzle–her family has renamed her Monkey due to her impish ways and personality. They just embraced this little pup who was only about 6 months old when they adopted her. Robin and Leslie have loved and cherished her since May, 2011. We were so happy when they decided to adopt her–after all, Greyhound puppies are not for the “faint of heart”. Monkey has her special chair, a swimming pool, a sand pit, a sis named Mattie, and her own Facebook page.:

November 22nd, 2013

 I am happy to let you know that our group is still in the number 7 position in City Bank’s online Community Rewards contest. Thank you so much and please help spread the word that A Place for Us Greyhounds needs and appreciates your votes!!  Today, we are featuring Crockett and Heidi. In the first photo Heidi is on the left–she’s 4-years old and was meant to race but never got the hang of it. She was in foster care with Crockett who is a couple of years older than Heidi and he didn’t make the “cut” to race so Dallas and Tabitha adopted him in 2010. In both photos–it’s pretty easy to see how companionable the two are–so instead of continuing to look for a home for Heidi–they adopted her, too! We have a new photo album on our Facebook page that features “Greyhounds Cockroaching”. If you are unfamiliar with this term–Greyhounds often take this pose–other breeds, too–but Greyhounds seem to do it the best and the Wikipedia definition is–“Particularly common in sleeping among Greyhounds is the so-called “roach” or “cockroach” sleeping position, in which a Greyhound will roll onto his/her back and spread his/her legs at odd angles in all directions, in a position reminiscent of deceased cockroaches who are often found on their backs.”


November 21st, 2013

Sadie is asking for your vote in the Community Rewards competition sponsored by City Bank. Sadie came to the group when she was found running loose in central Lubbock. Sadie is mostly Greyhound–and mostly a character. We fostered her at our home for several months and she was very entertaining. She moved in with a wonderful family last Spring–complete with 3 lively boys–she’s their first dog and she is really enjoying going everywhere with Barry and Keri and their sons–Carson, Penn, and Brook.  This summer, Sadie and her family, met with students at one of the Cooper Elementary schools as a live show and tell–very impressive!





November 20th, 2013

This is just the best news–our group is now at NUMBER 7 in the rankings! You may remember Cleo from her recent escape and return. She spent a night at the Lubbock Animal Shelter after escaping on a Monday morning. We have such a wonderful group of volunteers and as soon as I sent out the alert–there were at least 10 persons out trying to find her. Cleo is mostly Greyhound and was adopted by Matt and Toni in 2012. On the day that Cleo escaped–her big bro preferred to stay home–thank goodness for that. It’s much easier to find one Greyhound on the loose rather than two! Tom raced as “Tom the Cat” and he retired in 2012. His birthday is November 17, 2007. We had a few misadventures in getting Tom to Lubbock–he took a detour through Oklahoma. Long story- definitely worth our efforts!!

 November 19th, 2013

The sweet and lovely Toya was rescued by our adoption group as part of the Greyhounds that were victims of animal cruelty in 2009. Toya has tattoos but we were never able to read them–she was definitely the alpha and led the pack of seven. We were so happy to meet her new family as Lauren and Bubba were also instrumental in her rescue and care issues as the case was opened and finally resolved. Lauren is one of the founders of Saving Grace Rescue and we are so grateful for her help along with Sandy, Jane, and all of the rest of the crew as we often rely on them to help us in times of need with kennel space and care.





November 18th, 2013

Shiloh and Sadie D. were rescued from a couple of situations where they were bred to hunt. Sadie D. was “Dani” from the seizure in the animal cruelty case in 2009 and Stephanie adopted her in 2010. Shiloh was relinquished to our group in 2012 from a local person that owns Greyhounds and hunts coyotes–Stephanie decided to adopt her as well! Just proving that in many cases–you can’t adopt just one (Greyhound) and we are oh so happy to send a second or even a third hound to families that have already adopted. In the Greyhound adoption circles–this is known as “chipping” like the potato chip ad where “you can’t eat just one”.



November 17th, 2013

Our Meet and Greet went well, yesterday. Maggie Mae attended—and she was very brave since she has a shy personality. We were worried about finding the right family for her that would be understanding that she was stand-offish and slow to warm up. Thankfully, Bruce, Cathy, and Georgia adopted her and with the help of their Greyhound,  Sunny D, they worked as a team to show her the way. Today, Maggie Mae is happy and well adjusted–she goes running with Cathy–wow! Maggie would have raced as Slatex Marcella and her birthday is June 12, 2009. Isn’t she adorable?!!

We are having another Meet and Greet today (Sunday) at the PetSmart on Slide Road–we will be just outside the adoption area near the front of the store if you would like to attend. We continue to hear that folks didn’t know we had a Greyhound adoption group and for many folks, this is the first Greyhound they have ever met–so please attend and help us showcase our wonderful Greyhounds. We are also handing out flyers asking everyone to Vote for the Greyhounds..

 November 16th, 2013

Wow–we’ve made it to number 10–awesome! Ginger was adopted by Bryan and in January. She is quite a character and is pretty sure our home is her own personal racetrack. Her birthday is February 28, 2010 and she raced as Slatex Nitrogen but a broken hock ended her career. She’s a hoot–you should see her on her daily runs through the house and around the yard in figure-8’s–quite a sight to behold. Please continue to vote and don’t forget–we will be at the PetSmart on Slide Road from 10-4:00 today and try and find a home for Jackie–I’ll post updated photos of her tomorrow. Thanks for your help and support!


November 15th, 2013

It’s Friday–yippee! Our adoption group A Place for Us Greyhounds is still in the “top 15” in City Bank’s Community Rewards competition–yippee–yayyy! Today, Demi is asking you to vote and help support Greyhounds in need. Demi knows about this first-hand as she and another Greyhound were discovered out running loose in an isolated area in Lubbock County on a hot, summer day. Seriously, detectives were in the area and had gotten a tip that there might be a corpse out there–and Demi and Cleo just ran up to them asking for help. Demi was bred to hunt. She is available for adoption–she is the most loving and affectionate Greyhound we have ever had up for adoption. We love Demi and want to find her a wonderful home and family–could it be yours?  Thanks so much for your consideration and votes!Also, thanks to Amanda at Nizhoni Photography for taking these excellent photos of Demi.

November 14th, 2013

I am so happy to let you know that A Place for Us Greyhounds has been ranked #11 for 2 days in a row in the online Community Rewards competition. Thanks to all of you for your support, promotion, and voting every day for our beloved Greyhounds! Hilan Toaster was bred to race and his birthday is April 1, 2004. He was adopted by Robin and Danny in 2006–two years before our group had re-organized. Robin said that they meant to adopt a small female but when they met Hilan–he was so sweet and loving–they decided to adopt him, instead. And–since that time, he has attained certification as a therapy dog and has visited many patients in nursing homes and at local hospitals. He is just awesome!!

November 13th, 2013

I am so happy–we have remained in the “top 15” in the City Bank Community Rewards competition since the voting started on November 3. I am compiling an email list of all of the adoption groups in the US and will also ask for their help. The staff at Texas Greyhound Association and also at the National Greyhound Council are helping promote the contest. Shoot, I’ve started forwarding the email to our relatives and my former colleagues in the nursing department at South Plains College! Basically–no one is safe–I’m asking everyone I know to vote for the Greyhounds!

Today, we are featuring Kylie–she was bred to hunt and was among the seven sweet Greyhounds that we rescued from an animal cruelty case in 2009. Kylie lives with Lynn and Beth and an assortment of cats and dogs. She’s a testament to the resiliency of these sweet dogs that overcome some pretty big obstacles. She is also a hero and donates her blood at a local veterinarian clinic when the need arises. Vote for A Place for Us Greyhounds today!!


 November 12th, 2013

This is just the coolest story about Sean and Tami and their 2 sweet Greyhounds. Last year, you may recall the entertaining clip on Fox 34’s morning show where our group was featured. Shortly after that segment–Sean and Tami had completed their application and were approved to adopt. They visited the dogs that were still on the farm waiting for a home and Slatex Misty picked them–she was watching us and giving us this big, happy grin! It was so neat–she entered the adoption program at that very moment and had literally picked out her family. Sadly, their other dog, a sweet Lab mix, passed on soon after Misty moved in and when Brittany was rescued from a situation where she was found as a stray out in the county–they decided to adopt her, too!