Raindrop Captains 2019 All-America Team

Stake winner and Southland win leader, Salud Raindrop, has been named Captain of the 2019 All-America team, as announced today by the National Greyhound Association (NGA).

The annual naming of the All-America team dates back to 1963. The program pays tribute to the top eight greyhounds nationally. Historically voted on by the member tracks of AGTOA, the award process was turned over to the NGA in 2019.

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FF Biscayne is a stakes champion.

Late last year, the Wheeling-based greyhound traveled to Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas for the track’s two-month racing season in January/February. On the final night of racing, FF Biscayne captured the $50,000 Diane Whiteley Sprint Stakes.

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Texas Bred Classic

Dear Members,

Please be advised that as of March 14, 2020, the Texas Greyhound Association is cancelling the remainder of the Texas Bred Classic and will distribute the remaining money during the Gulf Greyhound Meet beginning 12/26/2020.

Palm Beach has suspended racing and it is uncertain if any of the other tracks will be following their lead.

The TGA is committed to supporting breeders and owners of Texas Bred greyhounds and our focus is to promote racing as long as possible, for as much money as possible, in the State of Texas.  This gives all breeders and owners ample time to make plans to support live racing in Texas for the coming year.

Please contact President Billy Galbreath at (512) 760-7512, with questions you might have.

Texas Bred Classic – Daytona Beach

Board Of Director Changes

As of today; February 10, 2020, below are the changes to the Board of Directors:

Eddie McDonald resigned his seat as Director and as of Sunday; February 9, 2020, David Dyal resigned as President.  We want to thank them both for the years they served on the Board and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Texas Bred Classic

Board of Director Changes

As of 12/16/19, Lee Harrington resigned as Secretary/Treasurer.  Jerry Kramer was voted on by a majority vote of the Board of Directors to carry out the remainder of the term, which expires in March 2020.  This vote left one open seat to be filled, which President Dyal intends to do within 10 days. 

We want to thank Mr. Harrington for his service on the Board of Directors and wish him all the luck in his endeavors.

2020 GGP Kennel List

Please contact GGP for further details.
(409) 986-9500

$50,000 Diane Whiteley Stake Race

$100,250 Annual Texas Bred Futurity

The TGA is proud to announce the $100,250 Annual Texas Bred Futurity Race during Gulf Greyhound Park’s 2020 meet.

$75,250.00 OWNERS
$25,000.00 BREEDERS

Open to Texas Bred pups born on June 1, 2017 or later.
Total points earned during Texas Meet starting 01/02/20 through 2/29/20, by the top 10 dogs during whole meet.

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