Texas Bred Registry Info

Texas Bred Registry


Litter acknowledgment slip (blue slip) must be sent to the TGA office, accompanied with a check for $10 – per litter,  within 30 days of date on slip from NGA to avoid penalties.  If not received by the TGA within 30 days, the following penalties will be incurred and a check for the correct amount should accompany the slip along with the initial $10 registration fee. 

If received 31 – 60 days after NGA $    10.00
If received 61 – 90 days after NGA $    50.00
*After 91 days or more                        $  100.00

*TGA Executive Policy #EP—5 –93 Texas Bred Registry Late Fines; Litters are not eligible for Texas Bred Registry after they reach one (1) year of age.

Texas Bred Incentive Program


An owner/lessee of the dam at the time of whelping must be a member in good standing of both the Texas Greyhound Association and the National Greyhound Association.  The owner/lessee must have been a resident of the state of Texas for a period of three (3) consecutive years immediately preceding the date the litter was whelped.  The litter must have been whelped in the state of Texas and must remain domiciled in Texas until six (6) months of age.  If a dam is owned in partnership, all partners must meet the above requirements.

The full responsibility for properly qualifying a Texas Bred greyhound shall fall upon the owner/lessee of the dam at the time of whelping.

The owner/lessee will file an affidavit with the Texas Greyhound Association affirming that all litter applications submitted by the owner/lessee meet the registry requirements.  The owner/lessee further agrees that should any of the owner/lessee’s Texas Bred greyhounds be removed from the state of Texas prior to six (6) months of age, it shall be the owner/lessee’s responsibility to notify the TGA within ten (10) days.  The TGA will then remove such greyhounds from the registry.

To qualify a litter as Texas Bred, the original “Litter Registration Acknowledgement” receipt received from the NGA must be sent to the TGA, along with a check or money order made out to the TGA for appropriate litter fee.  If the litter qualifies for the Texas Bred Greyhound Registry, the TGA will stamp the “Litter Registration Acknowledgement” as Texas Bred and return it to the sender.  The TGA will notify the NGA of all certified Texas Bred litters.  When qualified Texas Bred greyhound is individually registered, the NGA will stamp the Certification of Registration as Texas Bred.

Anyone falsifying an application or otherwise violating these rules will be subject to discipline by the TGA Board of Directors, including permanent suspension from the TGA.