Greyhound Racing — The Truth

Greyhound Racing — The Truth
A Journey from Anti-Racing to Pro-Racing

by Amy Cochran

Okay whoa. Hang on a second. You’re anti-racing. I get it, but you’re so full of smoke I can’t see the ground in front of me. Being used by people? Suffering? Forced to race? Do you even know what  you’re talking about? Have you spent time with trainers, owners, operators, etc? Have you watched how they Interact with the dogs in their care? I have. I have never SEEN a greyhound suffer at the hands of their trainers. And I certainly have never SEEN a greyhound “forced” to race. You don’t force a greyhound to do anything. You may encourage their natural Instincts  to chase by giving them the opportunity to chase, but you certainly don’t force a greyhound to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Now don’t go jumping down my throat without knowing a thing about me. But I will tell you this. I’m from Ohio (non­-racing state) then we were stationed in Illinois(Another non-racing state.) And yes, I was involved in animal “rescue” and greyhound adoption. And yes, at that time, I was ANTI-Racing. I heard the stories, saw the pictures, and then we were stationed in Alabama and EVERYTHING CHANGED.

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