From the Director

2014 Get Out To Vote


Early voting has begun in Texas! Please make sure you get out and vote, and when you do, know how the candidate feels about issues important to the Greyhound Industry and the Horse Industry. A major question to ask candidates is whether he/she supports the right of Texans to vote on expanded gaming in Texas. Billions of dollars are going to Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico from Texas residents. That money should stay in Texas! If a candidate says he/she would have to study or think about the issue, that probably means he/she is not going to allow you, the voter, the opportunity to choose whether Texas will have expanded gaming at tracks.

Too many times we have heard an elected official say, the votes sent me here to make this kind of decision and I do not believe in expansion or gambling. The only answer should be I will allow my constituents to make that decision by voting on a constitutional 

amendment allowing expanded gaming.  Polls show the great majority of Texans do favor expanded gaming, and, more importantly, voters are being denied the right to decide this issue.

From Governor, Lt. Governor, Agriculture Commissioner, to Attorney General, TGA members need to support those individuals who will let Texans decide this issue.

You can ask the candidates themselves, his workers at the polls or when they call you to ask you to vote, or call his/her campaign office and ask this question.

I would not presume to tell anyone how to vote, but if anyone has a question as to where candidates stand on our issues, please call me and I will be happy to tell you.

Again, please vote, and think about what a person will do before casting your ballot and tell everyone you know to vote too.

Thank you for your time.

Nick James