Cherokee Greyhounds Update

Cherokee Greyhounds

With the aid of the National Greyhound Association and the Texas Greyhound Association, four Texas greyhound adoption groups joined together to assist 111 of the greyhounds from the Cherokee blood bank – Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Greyhounds Unlimited, GPA Houston and GPA Central Texas. Forty hounds went to adoption groups in western states. This accounts for all of the Cherokee greyhounds.

The adoption groups involved will process the greyhounds according to their standard intake protocol, including spays, neuters and dentals to ready the greyhounds for adoption. For all of the greyhound adoption groups involved, these numbers are significant. Even though the hounds appear to be in generally good health and condition, the groups will all need essential contributions to assist with the boarding and care of the Cherokee greys.

For more information on the adoption groups, click here.