Want to own a Racing Greyhound?

Would you like the thrill and pride of owning your own racing greyhound while earning money too?

You can watch the races on your computer and a smart device, i.e. IPhone, IPad or Tablet and also experience a live race at the track, where you can bet on your own dog!

There are several ways to get started in the fun and excitement.  The safest way to get started is to buy a dog already racing at the track and the satisfaction would be immediate and so would the return on the dog, which is relative to the pay out of the individual track.  Different tracks pay different valued purses; therefore the best dogs are running at the higher paying tracks, but if a dog is dominating at a lower paying track it is worth watching your dog run there.  There are times when an owner would sell that dog for a very reasonable price and you can try it at a different track if you choose to.

Another beneficial way of buying a dog would be to buy a greyhound with potential.  The National Greyhound Association (NGA) has Meets twice a year in Abilene, Kansas, first in April and again in October.  There you can find the best in young greyhounds and these dogs have never been to a regular race track nor competed and are sold at the auction.  These pups may be slightly higher in price than graded dogs; but you can see them in the competition and talk to the breeder/handler.  The NGA now offers on-line bidding and their website has replays of the day’s races during the week of competition.

If you wish to buy at the Nationals, one should look for dogs from breeders who have other dogs successfully running at the major tracks or at least the track you are interested in buying for.  It is best to buy out of a proven female who has produced quality pups and they are also running at major tracks.  Take into consideration the dogs schooling times in the week before the competition as well as performances during the actual competition.  There are several things to watch for, i.e. running styles – mid-track, rail, or outside – and rush to the turn or driving from behind to win or place.

Purchases can be done as an individual or in a syndicate with others pooling resources for co-ownership.

Once a racing Greyhound has been purchased it can either stay at the track where it was purchased or be sent to a track of your choice.  If a pup is purchased at the one of the NGA Meets, the new owner would make arrangements with a kennel from a track he thinks the dog can run at.  The dog is then leased to that kennel for a percentage of its earnings; with the owners’ percentage being paid directly by the track.  All fees and expenses are then borne by the kennel owner, which include hauling fees, veterinarian fees, and any other expenses after taking the dog.  With this arrangement, the kennel owner usually gets 65%, with the dog owner getting 35% at the lower paying tracks, medium paying tracks with the percentage being 60%/40% and the higher paying tracks are 50%/50%.

When your dog is ready for retirement there are many fine adoption programs through the tracks themselves as well as many private adoption agencies around the country.  The kennel owner and/or breeder will put you in contact with them or you can choose to bring your winner home where they can become your very own couch potato.

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