Condolences to the Shepherd Family

Ila Faye Shepherd, age 85, was called to heaven on Friday, August 23, 2019. Faye was born on March 26th 1934 to Lola Naven and Dave Stewart.

Faye spent half of her life in Austin before moving to Elgin in 1985. Back then Elgin was considered the country, so finally a pool was in her future because that was the only way to get this city girl to the country.

Faye retired from the Central TX Regional Blood Center at the age of 62 by that time she was loving the country life. She stayed busy with her pool and helping Doyle with his greyhound business. But her real joy in life started in June of 1988, loving and spending time with her granddaughter Tori. They were linked together with a bond that no words would destroy. They spent endless hour’s together swimming, shopping and just enjoying each other’s company. They were each other’s side kick through the years they taught and learned so many life lessons with each other. Faye learned that love comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Tori learned to be a kind and giving lady but to stand and be strong when needed. For Faye and her granddaughter Tori… It ends with tears-happy and sad tears, they say thank you to one another for the last 31 years and said goodbye as only true best friends could… Godspeed Faye… Until we meet again!

She was born to and preceded in death by both her parents and her husband James Doyle Shepherd.

Faye is survived by her children Patricia Morgan and husband Dennis; Wayne Lindholm and Tracy Shepherd and grandchildren; Christie, Rhonda, Haven, Robert, Keith, Tori. She is also survived by her great-Grandchildren; Kirby, Matt, Ashley, Kyliegh, Cody, Lane, Luke, Jayla, and Daymon James and her forever Daughter in Law Laurie Lindholm.

A Memorial Services will be held 11:30 A.M. Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Providence-Jones Family Funeral Home.

TGA Director Appointments/Resignations

Dear Members,

The TGA wishes to inform our members of the changes that have occurred regarding the Board of Directors, as of May 09, 2019.

1. President: David Dyal was nominated and by the majority vote of the Board of Directors will fulfill the remainder of the President’s term.

2. Vice President: Joe Lail was nominated and by the majority vote of the Board of Directors will fulfill the remainder of the Vice President’s term.

3. President David Dyal has appointed Ed Gardner to fulfill the remainder of Joe Lail’s seat.

2019 Futurity Race Top 10 Greyhounds

Dear Members,

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s $100,250 Futurity Race top 10 Texas Bred greyhounds. The Futurity Race was calculated by points for the entire meet held at Gulf Greyhound Park.

1st place – KB’s Dagger – 78 points
Owner: Tim Ertl or Green Smith – $11,250
Breeder: Kenneth Biehle – $3,750

2nd place – CTW Hard Bargain – 58 points
Owner: Jerry Patterson or Steve Sarras – $10,500
Breeder: David Peck – $3,500

3rd place – JT’s Free Style – 52 points
Owner: John Burnett or Tim Ertl – $9,750
Breeder: John Burnett – $3,250

4th place – Racy Paddy – 52 points
Owner: Steve Schlachter – $9,000
Breeder: Phyllis Shuffield – $3,000

5th place – Slatex Hermippe – 50 points
Owner: Harlan Brothers Kennel – $8,250
Breeder: Harlan Brothers Kennel – $2,750

6th place – Slatex Nate Diaz – 50 points
Owner: G. Kirk Harlan – $6,750
Breeder: Harlan Brothers Kennel – $2,250

7th place – KB’s McQueen – 48 points
Owner: Norman Rader – $6,250
Breeder: Kenneth Biehle – $2,000

8th place – Slatex Goldwind – 48 points
Owner: Harlan Brothers Kennels – $5,250
Breeder: Harlan Brothers Kennels – $1,750

9th place – CTW Laser Blast – 46 points
Owner: Jerry Patterson or Steve Sarras – $4,500
Breeder: David Peck – $1,500

10th place – KBF Country Gal – 46 points
Owner: Terry Scott – $3,750
Breeder: Kenneth Biehle – $1,250

Breeders Awards

TGA Members,

Click here to view the attached letter.

Texas Bred Futurity Race

The TGA is aware of the information circulating concerning the Futurity Race and questions surrounding the top 10 Texas Bred greyhounds that ran at Gulf Greyhound Park’s meet.  Currently, we do not have an official list of the top 10 and are awaiting clearance from the Texas Racing Commission on the drug test for the month of February.  As soon as we have clearance and have added all the points, we will be emailing, posting to our website and Facebook, the official list.  We hope to have that list posted by the end of next week.
Thank you for your patience and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

TGA Director resignations & appointments

Dear Member,

The TGA wishes to inform our members of the changes that have occurred regarding the Board of Directors resignations and appointments. 

  1. As of January 31, 2019, Ed Gardner resigned from the Board.  The TGA appreciates the many years he served, first as Director and then being elected as Secretary/Treasurer in 2018.  We wish Mr. Gardner the best of luck in all his endeavors.
  2. As of today, February 1, 2019, Kevin Fulton also resigned from the Board.  Mr. Fulton served only for a short period of time, but his input was valuable as a Director and we also wish him the best of luck.
  3. The Board voted for Lee Harrington to fulfill the remainder of the Secretary/Treasurer position and President Peck appointed Laird Morgan to fulfill the remainder of Mr. Fulton’s seat, leaving one seat left to be filled.

Holiday Hours of Operation

Christmas hours of operation are as follows:
Closed December 24th, 25th & 26th, and resume normal business hours on Thursday; December 27, 2018.

New Year hours of operation:
Closed Tuesday; January 1, 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us!

Condolences to the McElhinny Family

The TGA wishes to offer its sincere condolences to the family of one of our lifetime members, Gayle McElhinny, who passed away Wednesday; October 24, 2018.  For many years while in Texas, Gayle served tirelessly on the TGA Board of Directors, always having the memberships best interest at heart, when making decisions.  She will be greatly missed.

Click here to read the obituary.

Gulf Greyhound Park’s Official Kennel List

Below is the official kennel list for Gulf Greyhound Park’s 2018-2019 meet.  Please contact these individuals or Gulf Greyhound Park for further information.

  1. Kirk Harlan Kennel
  2. Libby/Watt
  3. Nick James
  4. Parker/Magic City
  5. Rosebud Kennel
  6. Currid Racing
  7. Dalton/Raines
  8. Rocket Racing

Race Date Approval

  1. The Texas Racing Commission approved the 2018/2019 race dates for Gulf Greyhound Park and the allocation of the cross-species escrow funds, for their upcoming meet.
  2. The Texas Racing Commission approved the 2019/2020 cross-species escrow funds to Valley Race Park; for their previously approved 2019/2020 live race dates.
  3. The 2019 $50,000 TGA/GGP Texas Bred Showdown stake race is pending approval from the Texas Racing Commission and Gulf Greyhound Park.  We will let you know when this is approved.
  4. The 2019 $100,000 Texas Bred Futurity will be an annual Texas Bred Incentive Program paid directly from the TGA to the dog owner and breeders.

If you have any questions, please contact the Board of Directors for further details.