Condolences to the Erwin Family

Gerald Erwin passed away yesterday, February 9, 2016.  Mr. Erwin was a NGA & TGA Lifetime Member and also the TGA Executive Director for several years.  We don’t have any information on the services for Mr. Erwin as of yet, but if we receive any we will pass it on to the membership.

A tribute to Gerald Erwin from David Peck:

Gerald was a second generation dog man and ran dogs back in the coursing days. He loved dog racing right up until his passing. He was always interested in what was
happening here with the dogs and would call me to check in for updates.

Gerald was a fixture at every meet at the NGA and I was amazed at how he had an uncanny eye for good fast dogs even without seeing the times.

He was more than just a dog man, Gerald was what I call a founding father of Greyhound racing in Texas and helped form the TGA, which is the strongest breed group in the USA.
He and Jim Frey fought hard and worked the political scene, negotiating with the race tracks until they got something both sides could agree to. He had great negotiation skills.

Gerald was the President of the Texas Greyhound Association, Executive Director and a life time member. He ran many kennels and raised dogs on his farm in Midland, TX. He and I first worked together to set up track safety seminars, which was a great help to the tracks, that provided new ideas to all who were interested. He valued honesty above all else. When I ran for President three years ago we struck a strong friendship. I learned to listen to his wisdom of negotiating from his experience with the TGA and the business world with Enron. He was one that had confidence in me and always had my back.

The last I spoke with him we discussed dogs and his beloved TGA. Rest In Peace my friend I will miss our talks and your counsel.

David R. Peck